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Innovative design

We work through an interactive design process developed to bring out the best of design in your live or work environment. Working with you we will create spaces that inspire you to live exceptionally. 

Experience and Quality

We started EWA over 30 years ago and we have been focused on quality of design and quality of construction since the beginning. Led by Edward Wójs and Robert Coelho, we are a small, storefront, architectural firm. Come in for a coffee (or tea) and lets talk about what you see as your future. 

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We're Architects...

Exceptional design is not defined by the size of a project or the budget. It starts with vision and communication, it starts with you.


How do you work? What is the identity of your organization? What are your needs now and where are you going? It sounds simple, but you know it isn't, we are here to make your work environment work with you.


In any space that people come together in, the goal is to inspire. Vision, beauty and efficiency all need to come together.

...and this is what we Love.
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Re-Use and Renovation

Working within an existing structure is challenging, exciting and sustainable. Much of our work has been renovating buildings into new uses.  We call our process Wabi-Sabi minimalism, we work with the existing, flaws and all, and explore the beauty and character born when old meets new. Also, using the embodied energy of an existing structure is a great start towards a better future.

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A sense of the Sacred

How do we move beyond walls, windows and doors to create beauty? Proportion, harmony and light are the foundation to design spaces that don't just work, they inspire.

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How can we live better? We have worked with CoHousing communities and other clients who ask this question. Answers always differ according to the needs of a client but there is no better starting point on a design journey than a great question. To learn more, try this link to a Now Magazine interview... Building Community